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hi all I have been having an issue with studdering issues while accelerating
It feels like electrical loss to create power ... I recently removed the gas tank to clean the inside inspect the mesh net at the bottom of the fuel pump and check the fule filter ,
Once I went to put it back together I noticed that the fule filter has a crack at the seam on it ...
Not having another one to replace it I went ahead and installed the cracked fule filter any how ,
The bike starts and idels fine but once you hit the throttle it either revs and stalls ....
Or while riding it seems like the bike has lost all power ( just a very weak motor ) now remember the gas filter is high in the tank so I went to the gas station and added fuel to the tank and when I went to pull out of the station after adding fule it started poping and out of no where full power was back then lost the it would pop some more and accelerate with full power again ,,,
My question is has anyone ever had this issue befor and is it the gas filter that’s creaked pulling in air to the rail or coils bad ??? Or maybe even something else??? That’s causing it any help with this issue I’d be great full for !.
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