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TL1000R speedo lense

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Hi there, I have a TLR and need to replace the speedo lense. Are the TL1000S clocks the same? or use the same speedo size? I'm looking to scan ebay and get cheap clocks so I can get the speedo lense, but the S model clocks seem cheaper.. Or even better what other Suzuki speedo lense will fit?
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I have had my TLS clocks apart recently and the lense doesn't actually come out
Ah right. I've not taken the clocks off the bike yet...I'm hoping I can take them apart so at the very least I can have a piece of perspex made up to fit.
The clear is glued on to the housing. I haven't found ah adhesive remover that can separate the lens from the housing WITHOUT molesting the latter beyond recognition. :banghead
Why not just change the whole outer casing? Thats what i did on mine
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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