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Tl1000r rear shock swap

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Hi can anyone help me I've go as tl1000r which at the moment is stripped down to be rebuilt and polished over the winter, I want to get rid of the stock rotary damper and shock, what are the options and has anyone got a step by step guide to do this, I don't have a furtune to spend so a straight swap for a new ohline is out of the question. Does anyone do a fitting kit/ brackets to fit other shocks (r6,Ducati) Please someone help!!!!
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Take a look at this.

You don't say where you are based but maybe you and graememg2 can get together and run off a job lot of brackets for a CBR Showa shock conversion. There's plenty of CBR shocks up for grabs on fleecebay.

You can probably get it done for a hundred bucks.
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