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Tl1000r questions suspension and breaking

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I've got a couple of questions if anyone can help me out, what 4 pot calipers are a direct swap for the 6 pot calipers on my tlr, I just find the 6 pots to spongey and also what is the easiest swap for the rear rotary shock/damper and what is the cheapest swap for the rotary shock/damper. I haven't long had my tlr and love the bike I just feel the brakes and rear suspension are poor compared to my fireblade.
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Nissin calipers off an early Bandit 1200 zx7 rf900 and some triumphs although the triumph ones say triumph on them

90mm between bolt centres
Easiest (and to my mind best but I'm biased cos I've got one) swap for the rear shock is the Ohlins. Only problem is its not cheap.
Last time I looked they are going for over a grand. End of next month is the NEC bike show so you might be able to pick one up at a useful discount. That's what I did when I bought mine.

The other common mod is to stick a Gixer front end on. I've got one off a 1000K4 and its luvverly. You also get the radial brakes wth it so its a double win.

Depending which Fireblade you've got the TL-R will feel a bit dated in comparison but that's not surprising cos it is. Having said that, a few mods and you can transform the TL and it will be right up there.
Thanks for your help I've got an early fireblade and the tlr suspension just seems to wriggle/bob about when leaned over in corners in comparison to the blade
Any particular onlins shock and is it possible to fit a Ducati 1098 shock?
This is the Ohlins item.

That's not actually a bad price compared to some I've seen.

If you do some searching on this forum you will find other options like the 1098 option but AFAIK they all require some additional customisation (bespoke brackets, mounting plates etc). With the Ohlins its all in the box. There are guys on here who can help if you are going down the non-Ohlins route. In the end its your money. If you've got a line on some cheap bits that can be made to work

eg something like this:

and you can do the mounting then jobs a good 'un.
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I'm running a Bitubo on my TLS (cost about $600NZ to my door, from a TLZone group buy), and will probably do the same on my TLR when finances permit. It bolts straight in with no modification, and has transformed the handling to where I can keep up with most later-model bikes in the twistys - even a mate with an 07 Fireblade. Just remember if you upgrade the rear suspension, you'll have to overhall the front suzzy's as well. It is well worth it, IMHO the best $$ you can spend modifying an older bike.

The SV1000 4-pots are a straaght bolt in, but you will have some joy with braided lines, clean up the pistons, and give them a 'vaccuum bleed' and use HH rated pads. 6-pots do need regular maintenance to perform at their best.
Has anyone got any instructions on mounting the Ducati 848/1098 shock. I can get brackets ect machined at work so fabrication is not a problem also I can lay my hands on a good 1098 shock for the right price cheers
cheapest option for the rear shock is the showa conversion. its a good improvement, but nothing compared to an ohlins or wilbers
Cheapest/easiest rear suspension swap is the Bitubo.

I can't believe no one has mentioned the TLS 4-pot calipers. That's a direct swap to the TLR, and probably as easy as wax-on, wax-off.

That said, if your 6-pot is spongy, you probably still have air in them. I have a couple of them that are as tight as a Virgin taco. I were you I would also inspect the lines, especially if they are OEM.
Does anyone sell a kit to fit a Showa shock?
Brakes just don't feel as sharp as 4 pot calipers I had on last bike
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