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TL1000R Part Out

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Its With a very Heavy heart I have decided to part out my TLR with an average of 400 miles a year since 2014 I can no longer justify keeping it with the others I own.
more pictures and parts listings to come over the next few weeks as and when I can get around to pulling it apart.

All Prices are + P&P

Gilles Rearsets £140.00
Gilles Chain Adjusters £120.00
Ohlins Rear Shock with all brackets £550.00
Hyperpro RSC Steering Damper £150.00
Galespeed Radial Clutch Master Cylinder £150
Galespeed Radial Brake Master Cylinder £150
Front & Rear Matching Seats £100.00
Full M4 Exhaust system £500.00
GSXR Front end conversion including Carbon Mudguard but Excluding wheel & Brake Calipers £400.00
Complete bodywork set all genuine Suzuki apart from carbon belly pan in 1998 yellow paint scheme good condition but have the odd marks and not broken anywhere all lugs intact etc including hump.£600.00

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