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TL1000R for sale Sydney AU - just finished complete rebuild

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Just like the title says - here is the build thread link
... and here is the bikesales link

The build was finished on Christmas Eve so the bike has almost 12 months rego and a huge list of performance parts. I've sunk some serious time, effort and $$$ into this beast so whoever buys it will get a serious bargain.

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so why are you selling?
Need something more comfortable for 2-up. My girlfriend is lanky so she doesn't fit on the back too well...My wrists are taking a beating as she's always leaning on me
a fellow neighbour.. :)
Only ever seen 1 TL around the area a b/w 1 cruised past me along princes hwy last year :laugh

Good luck with the sale.
P.s I got a single seat unit coz I didn't want my misses slowing me down :rotfl
what was the final price?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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