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TL1000r engine rebuild question ??

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Hi all

as part of my winter rebuild ill be sending my engine to jhs racing for them to sort out my gearbox so im thinking it makes sense to have a bit of a rebuilt at the same time due to the engine being apart so was wondering what mods to do ? oversized / standard high comp pistons? :confused pros/cons?
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why not have a word with someone like sam see what he can do for you

chances are it will be a LOT cheaper than jhs and you will be helping someone out by paying them rather than a company
jhs or another generic company may not have the specific knowledge to sort the gearbox

he also has overbore kits usually on the shelf

he has one listed for sale now ready to go.

Sam is the go to man in the UK for all things TL

consult him first
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I'm sure if you picked this up from the man himself he could help with what you need to get the engine running better than ever. And I'm with Stu, IF Sam has the time to help you, you'd be a lot better off going to him vs anywhere else.
cheers all for the info ill send him a pm :)
Sam got at least 1 spare 102mm set cos he done one for me, but am using my pistons so he will have pair of pistons spare for another set.
If you need anything spare Sam usually got it :thumbup
But if you need spare gearbox parts, got all except input shaft and 3-4 selector fork in good condition so can help.
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