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Tl1000R Engine Help

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Hi! Help please. on active work with gas, the engine stops, there is a strong smell of gas when attempting to start the engine from the exhaust belching white pairs with the smell of gasoline. After 30-40 seconds, after extensive attempts, the engine is started. In what could be the problem?
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Set the TPS correctly and balance the TB's. Change the plugs aswell. I'd start with that.
Does it throw any codes?
Welcome btw. :bigfinger

REeplace the spark plugs with NEW ones and try again

its a TL thing........
Good indication it's running on one cylinder. That may be worth looking into also.
I'm only new here

Had similar problems.

After a fresh set of plugs she fired up first kick.

I'd start there.
Did you twist the throttle several times before it restarted? If so, you may have a dodgy TPS along with fouled plugs.
Thank you!
Sensor TPS, in order, there are no errors, candles changed 2 times, wiring works, all disassembled, checked everything works. In my country, a lot of traffic jams when we go between the cars to the drivers we have heard, we have repeatedly open throttle. It was rare, but there were moments when abruptly opened, closed throttle to 7-8 thousand rpm, the engine stop. Start the engine, it turned out, after 30-40 seconds, etoi was a strong smell of gasoline from the pipe was white steam, the steam was lost, the motor run.
Please forgive me for english, I'm from Russia, I do not know English.
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