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Tl1000R compatible wheel/spindle/Brake caliper and fender

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Hello All..

SORRY FOR DUPLICATE POST... Forgot to add a few bits and could not update title.. :banghead

I am aiming to fit a set of Tl1000R forks to my Bandit 600 MK2, I have the top/bottom yokes and a Bandit stem pressed however i am missing a few items:

6 pot Caliper (Bandit only has 4 pot and fixing holes are 63mm not 90mm)
Front wheel
Wheel spindle

Of course I could just buy the Tl1000R parts, but wanted to know if any other bike parts would be a direct fit for the TL1000r forks ?

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I'd like to be able to help but not sure if I understand the question .Are you SURE you want to do this ?
I own a Bandit and this has never ( or will ) crossed my mind .
Sorry duplicate post.. correct one on the below link:

USD (Up side down) folks are must for any bandit street-fighter build, that an a R1 rear end welded to the bandit frame
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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