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She arrived today.
Pretty tidy, tail has been chopped back and will be replacing blinkers and mirrors with originals supplied. (Hey I'm a purist !)

Just need to charge the battery and start her tomorrow to hear the rumble.

Hanging to ride her.



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I'm a believer ! 馃嚘馃嚭

Threw a new battery in her this afternoon, cranked her over...and when I heard those Yoshis purring......had a smile from ear to ear.
Comy riding position (as I'm now on wrong side of 50), easy hyd clutch, seamless gearbox....but the noise and the vibration of it.....

It's of when I went from a RGV 250 to a 750 Slabby....

Im in love again.

Cant wait to get her registered and ride to work next week.


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Riding to work....

VERY nice, congrats!
Yeah she's very clean.....40 K and rides like new.

Feels more nervous than my Gsxr 750 '96...maybe that's a setup thing.

She's very easy to split lanes and she commands respect at the lights I've noticed.

Unforunately gone are the days when bikes of all sizes would nod to each other as a kind of special brethren thing.

But when you have these motor scooters and 'cafe racers' pull up next to you at the lights....YOu cant help feeling a little Regal, as the Yoshis burble there 'yes I am a beast and will eat you if you upset me' mantra.

Jeez I rave shit about this bike.

All in all...easy to ride....but.......she reminds me of a thoroughbred horse....she needs to be galloping....:hail
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