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Hello guys! I'm definitely pestering peoples with this subject lately. I have a 1998 TL1000S with TRE, cans, K&N filter, new fuel pump. 30k km, runs great but to be honest, on these streets I was missing the riding position of my KTM Duke.

I've seen the old Hypermotard/TL mongrel on youtube, but couldn't get in touch with the owner. I started checking supermotos that had 2 cylinders, ignition (so fuel pump) and that were wide enough to ensure the parts wouldn't be too tiny for the TL. I decided to give Dorsoduro parts a try, as it's a Shiver with a few different parts on.
I got subframe, seat and tank to start. But I'll try to make it shorter: at the moment, my problem is the fueling/power delivery: the bike sounds lean on idle and rich on full throttle. I had to ditch the stock airbox as the Dorsoduro tank was smaller in width. Used two pod filters, no joy... the bike is hard to start, expecially when cold, and on full throttle it doesn't really have the original torque. Also, when closing the throttle I can hear the throttle bodies "spit", as the map is probably much richer to make use of the extra air delivered by the ram air ducts.

Since I'm throwing a lot of money in this project, I thought I could risk a €30 worth airbox to make an experiment. I cut the sides off, and part of the top. The top will be replaced by the bottom of the tank, so if I close the sides I get more or less the same volume of the stock airbox back and SHOULD be fine afterwards. But I don't know how I should do it. I have epoxy, aluminum in wide pieces (1mm thick)... but even if it's not visible, I'd try to make it decent.
I'll also put the ram air ducts back on, trying to have everything like stock. Any advice?

This is the bitch.
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