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TL-S race fairings, tatty/damaged/rough

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As per title, can't afford any nice, new or pretty race fairings so give me a shout if you've any tatty ones going cheap. Reasonably good at fibreglass repair lol


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Hi,I bought a complete body kit in white, including tank , last year after my tls was written off paid £300 for it .
went to get it respayed but the paint reacted to the new paint,. only tried it on seat panel infill.
some parts have been rubbed down, seat cowl has pad &catch assy, side fairings have small holes where previous owner fitted flush indicators, have ram air tubes &inner fairing panels open to reasonable offers
Is that a track kit or road?
Is that a track kit or road?
Road kit
Ah ok. Thanks but no thanks for now, really looking for race stuff.
No worries

Sorted a tail unit, just need a nose cone/top cowling and a belly pan.
If you are still looking I have a race top fairing. email me for fastest response wrightways_hotmail (replace underscore with @)
Emailed you mate
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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