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Time to tear down!

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Ok, so I've decided to go ahead and pull my engine for a rebuild. I've tried to download the service manual from Steve's page but it won't download properly. I can download the rest of the jpegs on his page just not the service manual for the TLS. If anybody has a good link to the service manual I'd be forever in your debt. I want to follow the manual to the T. Thanks. Thanks
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I meant pdf, not JPEG. I'm trying to DL from Steve's page again but I do need to know where to get a set of main and crank bearings.
right click on the download and "save as"

then open it.

if you left click it will fall over
you get mains from a dealer.

the big ends too. but if your crankl is worn you may need to buy undersized ones from me. and have the crank reground.

or source a good crank and buy from dealer.

ron ayers in the US
if your crank has run the bigends you will need to have the rods resized at an auto shop.

if you don't they will fail again very soon after.
What do u charge for the bearings? So what I just take it to a machine shop and get all measured?

Making progress. Hope to have it off in a few hours.

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Well, I do believe she's about ready to drop out. I've only got 3 pages left. Their were a couple things I didn't see any point in removing the tank and I don't have an Allen wrench to pull the windscreen so I I did everything with the fairing in place. The only thing holding the throttle bodies on is the choke cable. I couldn't get it off in place so I didn't. I don't see much point, I'll just let them stay right where their at for now. I gotta get up early so I'm gonna drop the engine tomorrow but I think it's ready to drop like a 9 month pregnant female. Any tips that will save time are more than welcome and much appreciated. I forgot how many sensors are on an obd2 engine, wow.
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