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Tiller to loud

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Had to take the TLR over the pits today and its way too loud. It measured 110db at 4000rpm, even at idle it was over the limit. Anyone got a quick fix solution to get the noise down? It has a Yoshi full system at moment. I have seen some baffles on Ebay at about $110 each side including post but they may take weeks to come and need it done asap.

The inspector at the pits said it sounded awesome but couldnt pass it due to the noise level. Anyone in WA got their old stock system laying around I could borrow? or know someone in the exhaust industry that could make something to baffle the exhaust?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Whats the db limit? I have a full stock system lying around.
I believe its around 94db. As soon as he started mine he was already shaking his head and then got the noise metre out. He was reasonable about it, said it could go over a little bit but mine was way toooo loud.

What suburb you in?
They barely scrape it in with the stock system :lol
Dunno about in your neck of the woods,but often if you've made a good effort they'll pass it even if it doesn't quite make the grade
yeah got that feeling but it was so over he couldnt let it pass. will see how i go next time, at least dont have to do full inspection again just check my exhaust and didnt have my pillion seat attached so just put that on and all should be sweet.
You ever heard of Wasp Works operating in Perth? Greg the owner knows a thing or two about exhausts .. He might be able to help. If he's not listed they all know him down at Motorrad Garage
Get some chicken wire and jam it down (or up ) into the exhausts .The strands keep it I place
and the wire allows enough gas to get past to allow bike to run fine .Pull it out when all finished .
Cost about $2.
I see Yosh cans in your avatar. Which set is it? I have a pair of Yosh baffles that fit the new style cans in the link below. I'd like to get rid of the baffles.

Here's the baffles:
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Thudds I have RS3's. How much you want for them
Not sure about the chicken wire. If he has a decent look and sees a bodgy job he may not pass it and costs $50 every time they inspect it.
Thudds I have RS3's. How much you want for them
Did you check the end caps to confirm the bolt holes shown in the link I previously posted? Again, these are for the new RS-3 cans with 2 bolt holes, on center, one on top and one on bottom inside of the tip.
just checked the end caps. mine don't have the bolt holes and are oval all the way through, cheers. Anyone else got some earlier baffles for RS3's?
Have you pulled the cans apart to check the wrapping inside, if the packing inside is all gone it will cause it to be louder and hotter. You can repack it and that will solve your loud issue it is not a hard thing to perform. check on line on how to repack muffler there are many how too video there.
I put a metre and a half of chicken wire in each mid pipe and tiforce db killers in as well...still didn't make it past the noise test at Welshpool. The guy that tested me had a triumph and said he thought cops shouldn't be doing roadside exams so he let me off.... Phew...yellow sticker gone. Noone mentioned anything about HID headlights though...
Good luck
Just took the bike over the pits and passed with flying colors. I went with some home made baffles in the end. An aluminium rake handle cut down into 45cm lengths wrapped in fibre glass exhaust matting and then chicken wire keeping it altogether.

Went from 110db last time to 89db this time around..woohoo!.

Thanks to all those that offered me assistance.
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