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This just begged a pic to be taken...

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Went for a little tootle about this morning and upon returning home went inside and had luch,returned outside to find my mate here having a snooze beside the TL.
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Could swear the bugger hams it up for the camera...
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That's nice, he missed when You were gone.
Or maybe he just liked the warm sunny spot and radiant heat from engine:laugh

Bike looks sweet too:hail

All I see is 2 dogs. :devious

Just kiddin', Mike. Both are nice. I have always loved the color of your bike.

Makes me miss my Border Collie. :bawling
Great pics Mike.....both pup and machine look great!
Ah ha! Two of my three favourite subjects ... Bikes, dogs and guns. I'm guessing that you've got a shooter around there somewhere:laugh
Great picture mike your bike looks so much better with the m4 exhaust :thumbup
OMFG! Gorgeous pup! I used to have one just about like that. Border Coleys at BEST! :D :thumbup

Reminds me so much of my Gretta! gorgeous. They're smart as heck and yours knows when that cam faces her, it's attention to her you're giving her! :D
That's a smart dog alright warming up beside the S down in Antarctica :laugh
That's a smart dog alright warming up beside the S down in Antarctica :laugh
My words exactly!! LOL. How true!
your pet probably loves your TL more than you. Lol. They look like a good pair.

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Great pic!

I don't know why, but that is still my favorite color of TLS. I wish it was imported to the US.
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