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The gov't finally got it's ass in gear and we are moving to Korea. I've made all of the arrangements for the bike to come with us. Now I'm trying to be ahead of the game and get it legal.

1. They say all fluids must be drained except for the manufacturers minimum recommended level of oil for storage. Basically just enough to keep the motor from seizing.

2. Lights: After much confusion and burned out LED's, I got a license plate light. (D'Ecosse thanks buddy) I have an aftermarket undertail and a tail light integrator. Does anyone have any suggestions for an add on rear signals that would work well with an undertail? Flush mounts are out of the question.

Once I figure those two things out, I'll be done. The streets of Korea won't know what hit them. Damn, I just realized if the North nukes the South, they wouldn't evacuate my bike with me. :)
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