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Just informing you guys that I can confirm the SUBARU 12 holes injectors will work in a TL1000S !

The only thing you have to overcome is the size difference (length) in this case it's between 8-8.5mm shorter for the subaru's.
You either have to make or find an extension hat, or raise the gasket holder at the bottom (throttle side) to meet the injectors.

So if you fancy tinkering go ahead, but beware of the Chinese imitations out there, go for used OEM.

If you have questions like measurements etc, just ask.

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twin2, do you have photos of how you made them fit?
I did not take photos.
Cause I'm not happy with what I did, I mean it works but I could have done it better, but I got distracted with other ideas and other stuff to do, so when it came time to install them I had to make due with what I had (can't wait a month for parts).

Now, I will probably redo it later.
Here's what I plan;
First what I did is raise the cavity that the gasket sits in on the throttle body so that it can now reach the shorter injector.
The cavity is 5.5mm deep and 16mm wide, the hole is 10mm.
It needs to be raised 8-8.5mm.
Here is the simplest way I could think of without using a lathe.
You need 2 aluminum tubes, one 16mm OD 10mm ID.(16X10X3MM)

The other tube, 20mm OD 16mm ID (20x16x2mm)

the 16mm should slide inside the 20mm, I do not know how loose or tight it will.

So you need to precision cut both the 16mm and 20mm to 8.5 mm twice !

You now have your 4 pieces (8.5mm each).

because of tolerances you will probably need to do a little bit of sanding (I did) so every thing fits the way they should.

1- test fit the rubber gasket, (it has a small lip at the bottom), unto the 16mm tube, you may need to sand inside the 10mm hole, but very little, just at the entree, until the lip goes in.
2- test fit the 16mm tube inside the cavity on the throttle, you will most probably need to sand it until it will go in snugly (I did), Take your time, you don't want it to be loose.
3-insert the 16mm with a thin layer of J-B weld, wipe off any excess (make sure you reach the bottom).
Now your 16mm should protrude out of the cavity by 3mm.
You are now ready to put the 20mm over the 16mm.
You may need to grind a small flat spot on the outside of the 22mm, if you look at the lip of the cavity you will understand, no big problem.
Once again I don't know how loose or tight that fit will be.
Use J-B weld to make a neat seal and you are ready to insert the rubber seal and you are good to go !!!!

One more thing !!!
Important !
If when you get your 2 tubes...
Test fit the 16mm inside the 20mm !
Now IF the fit is kinda loose....
It may be best to save the 3mm that will be protruding (on the 16mm) intact !
So what I mean is I would tape 4mm (protect) on the 16mm and then proceed to sand it to make it fit inside the cavity.
So when your done you have the same fit inside the 20mm ( the protected 3-4mm).

If on the other side when you test fit and find that it is very tight and maybe even not go in...
Then you can proceed and sand the whole thing.
and when you are done and satisfied with the fit inside the cavity, before you insert the 16mm you test fit it again inside the 20mm !
Hope this is clear ?

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Now there may be an easier way.

But you would need to find a rubber hose that is "exactly" 16mm OD x 10mm ID and gas resistant !

If you can find that ?

Just cut it to 14.5 mm twice and it should do the job.

Use it to replace the OEM gascket.

If you find such a hose let me know :)

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That is a little fiddly.....but kudos for getting through it.

Does the engine run with this new injector setup?

No leaks?

Does your method put the tip of the injector at the bore of the throttle body, just like the OEM position?

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Yes my engine runs fine.
Starts the same (good).
Idles the same.
Very responsive, and same power right up to the redline.
Remember my bike was already running strong so this is all positive.

"Does your method put the tip of the injector at the bore of the throttle body, just like the OEM position?"

No it does not.
But I do not believe 8.5mm further back makes any difference at all.
Think about shower head injectors !
Remember this is not like a jet from a carburetor that relies on good vacuum, this is a high pressure blast of gas.
So 8.5mm is noting !
Now 12 holes is something :)

P.S. don't forget to put some oil on the o-ring injectors when putting them back in.

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One more thing.

Remember the area where the tip of the injector makes contact is not a high pressure zone.
So as long as you make a decent contact it is easily leak free.
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