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Stuck seat!!!

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So I went to repare one of the panels on the back. One of the fasteners is broke and it kinda sags a bit. I went to pull the seats as I have many times in the past and the key will only turn one direction. It will release the rear seat but the front seat is stuck. It appears to be on properly so I don't think it's in a bind. I got my girl to sit on it but she's a buck 20 soaking wet so I may need to get my fat is up on it but if that doesn't work I'm up for suggestions. I did flip the key around with no luck.
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remove the back set.

at the front of the cavity hunt around there is a black cable running left to right.

its the front seat release cable

grab this and pull hard but firmly on it and it should release the front seat.
Thanks again for the help. I ended up having to pull the panels to release the seat. The cable froze up. I took the latch and cable off and soaked them in oil but it didn't help much. I got it moving enough to work but it doesn't move freely. It has to be forced in either direction. I'll have to see if I can pick one up on fleabay. I thought about restringing it but that would require drilling the rivits out. I figure I can probably get a new latch for $10. If not I may go to the bicycle shop and get a new cable and housing. I use to make my own throttle cables for my dirt bikes and I made a few for my honda cb's. The cables broke constantly and honda throttle cables were expensive when I was 16. Lol
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