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Stock Steering Dampner

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Im looking for the stock dampner, does anyone know where I can get a used one at a reasonable price? I've checked eBay, but all I can find there are bits and pieces of the complete set needed for installation :O.
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I have a stock one off my R. Give me $40 and it's yours.
wont fit
What about it wont fit? The Mounting hardware?
I'm not too familiar with the R model.
Thanks Stu. I did not know that. BTW, Tortugatron, I have no idea what the differences are and why it will not fit.
they are a mirror of each other

one mounts right one mounts left (S)

If you want to go upmarket a bit I have an OHLINS setup that is real nice
And if you want to go downmarket I have a Chinese copy of a Hyperpro that isn't as bad (so far) as you might expect for the money. :dowhat


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My S and R dampers are identical - you just flip it and swap over the centre mount rubber cap so it is on the top again. It stands slightly proud on the S config. But this is how mine was as a recall fitting. Side by side there is no difference (I just checked).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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