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Srad Gsxr to TLR clock face swap? Alternative to lockwood dials?

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Does anyone know if you can take the MPH dial face from Srad clocks and put it on a TLR to convert it from Kph to Mph? Basically I don't want to pay lockwood £30 for an overlay and even then I'd still rather have the stock dial face anyway.

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I have MPH TLR clocks I'd love to swap for KPH - problem is the speedo face has a hole cracked in it. Dunno how hard it is to replace the perspex:O

Otherwise they are good condition.
Andy, best just buy a 12,700 miles R set of clocks off me for £50 plus post.:devious
Haha I'm trying to keep the price down on this thing, it already owes me more than it'd fetch an still not 100% on keeping it.
Yes Andy you can, the speed will read in MPH , but the tacho will still read in KPH obviously , I lifted my old kph dial off with a fork ;-)
Cheers bud. You're local too, have to get out for a ride some time :)
if that wont work I have a spare TLS mph clock front you could have for the price of postage...
and I have a set of KPH clocks off a TLS that I could sell cheap if anyone needs them

although not sure what the post would be from the UK

as for the original question do lockwood not have part numbers you can cross reference?
Crash I'll have a go an post up the results if the S dial will fit the R clocks, can't see why it wouldn't like since they look the same. Would you mind sending me a PM with a paypal addy to send you the postage, Thanks.
have you got a kph to mph converter on the bike too?
Shouldn't need one as it should just work like the lockwood dial faces.
hmmm I think your right!

I have had a lot to do with clocks recently but my brain is fried!!

just dont forget your mileage will still be in KPH though

just dont forget to power the clocks up before you close them as you need to get the needle spot on
Lol you'll have to enlighten me on this one, not done it before. Do you just power it up to ensure that it sweeps the face cleanly?
you have to remove the needle to fix the backplate as you know but when you put the needle back on it wont be in the right position

the best way is to power up the clocks which centres the needle mechanism then fit the needle as close to zero as you can
when i got my TL off minty8 it had a set of euro clocks on it (kmph). I bought a set of MPH ones from Sam and ran those for a while until i shorted them out against the headlight bracket whilst repairing some wiring. Then I popped the face from the MPH ones onto the KMPH ones and ran those till I got my GSXR set that are on there now. The graduations on both clock faces match, but as Stu said, remember that the ODO is in KM. I also forgot to have the power running when replacing the needle, resulting in an idling speed on the side stand of 40mph... Oops.
Hahahah love it, deffo be making sure that I power it up so I've got 0mph at idle.
ended up stripping the clocks down at the local Thank god I always carry a leatherman with me!
So got round to doing this today, the TLS faces do not fit on the R clocks for anyone thinking of doing this in future :(
at least you know now :laugh

I have a KPH to MPH converter if your interested??
at least you know now :laugh

I have a KPH to MPH converter if your interested??
Lol git ;) how much and how does it work?
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