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spark plug conversion ???

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hi lads has anyone done a spark plug conversation on a tl1000r 1998 model i hear that the tl1000s coil sparks a lot quicker and is more response is this true and is it true IRIDIUM sparck plugs are a must !!!!?? thanks for any help:):):):)
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Iridium won't give you anything in performance but it will give the plugs longevity. Since changing TL plugs can be a pig this makes them worthwhile. Coils are the same parts for the R and S.

Best thing you can do is make sure your electrical system is in generally good order so the current delivery to the coils is as good as it can be.

Something of a stuck record on this point but I recommend fitting a Lithium battery if you haven't already done so. IMHO its about the biggest and simplest single electrical upgrade you can do. Costs a bit but worth every penny.
If you want more spark search for the + Mod. :yes
sv100 coils improve spark

as does the +mod

iridium plugs require less power to fire ( needle point electrode ). so they can spark more easily in adverse conditions.
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Given how prone the TL is to fouled plugs, I'll take the standard twin electrode plugs over iridium any day... SV coils have different length ht leads, but they are a more robust design with far better waterproofing. A worthwhile upgrade IMO.
The point about iridium is that its resistant to corrosion and its hard-wearing and so less prone to erosion, hence the longevity.
There are also platinum options which have better conductivity but are less hard wearing (as well as being stupidly expensive).
There is a 'twin electrode' Platinum NGK plug that works well to ;)

Also make quite a few hot sparks on here :laugh
But if the plugs are inspected and replaced to schedule corrosion & erosion aren't really an issue, and the standard CR9EK plugs are a lot cheaper than their iridium counterparts. I've tried the Iridium plugs; I went back to OEM.

Also makes quite a few hot sparks on here :laugh
Ba-dum tssssssh....... :lol
Interestingly, if you look in some of the car forums they talk about iridium plugs being good for 100K+ miles. For most plugs the transmission core is copper. The spark tips are usually nickel alloy. An Iridium tip will last longer but if the grounding electrode is nickel then it will wear out first. Even so we're still talking 50K miles. The "luxury" items have iridium spark tips with platinum grounding electrodes and will probably outlast most engines.

The trick is to get the heat range right. This ensures the deposits that cause fouling will be burnt off whilst avoiding excessive heat leading to pre-ignition.
The recommendation of a NGK CR9 is based on a stock engine. Unless you've tuned the nuts off it or are using nitrous its probably best to leave it there. A CR8 will run a little cooler and so be more prone to fouling. If you want to avoid the hassle of changing them regularly use the CR9EIX iridium option.

Don't get too hung up on one vs two grounding electrodes. In practice the spark will usually only take one path anyway so having two paths available is of limited value.
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the 8 is hotter.

a 10 is colder.
the iridium centre electrode is iridium to resist erosion given its 20thou diameter.

anything else will as you say just disappear.

the earth bar will wear for a long time before it gets too small to cover a 20thou electrode :laugh
Yep. My mistook. Confused with the bike and the car which uses Bosch who do their heat ratings the other way around.

I sometimes forget which way is up though most of the time I can still work out my arse from my elbow. :)
Ring or Snowy,

What plugs should I run...

97 TLS frame ( :devious Ring In )
TLR motor
Post Recall TLS ECU ( 32920-02F41 )
+mod < haha plus plus mod....
97 TLS coils
- (minus) an inch of wire to the coils...

... I am good at math and that is confusing... :confused
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