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Sidi Vertigo Evo boots

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Colour red/black. Size UK 9.5 EUR 43. Bought them too small. Slight use but otherwise excellent nick. Offers £50 or upwards. Currently located in central London if anyone wants to pick up.
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They gone down a bit in price too? :devious
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You gentleman.
Well considering the current Brexit and the fiscal climate as you have mentioned that has led to a significant downturn in the value of sterling as a world currency and of course the current FTSE situation I would have to say that if you can accept £40 I would be obliged to come and pick them up as soon as I'm back in the country ( weds) if you don't mind holding them for a week on top of the three years already.
Whenever is suitable for you in the evening, and pay you the cold hard cash if you'd prefer. :D
If you can't hold them then not a prob!
Probably should be some full stops in there too... :confused
Shoot us a pm when you've got a second Snowblind?
Just let me know where to pick them up from and what time! :)
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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