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Sidi Vertigo Evo boots

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Colour red/black. Size UK 9.5 EUR 43. Bought them too small. Slight use but otherwise excellent nick. Offers £50 or upwards. Currently located in central London if anyone wants to pick up.
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Sold to gentleman with the dainty plates.
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Apparently not sold.

Used to look like Sideshow Bob until I had the "foot mod" fitted. :spit
These boots are actually still up for grabs. The prospective purchaser never picked them up so they've been largely forgotten about in the cupboard for the last couple of years.

Anyone with dainty tootsies (UK 9.5) interested? Would perhaps suit ambitious teenager.
For you guv, sure. The price has undergone a structural realignment comensurate with the prevailing fiscal climate, reflecting market considerations and financial jurisprudence.

Roughly translated that means that like our lords and masters who appear to have the collective common sense of a playground full of toddlers fed too much cola I ain't got a farkin clue what they are worth to anyone.

Make me an offer (at least fractionally sensible) and I'll consider it.
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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