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Seized 'access plug' in generator cover

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Hi all

the large 'plug' in the genny cover is seized solid on me! It's such a soft metal that the 10mm hex in it is starting to round off, if I remove the genny cover can I free it off from the inside? or am i best just chiselling it it round and buying another plug?

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I'd chisel it

there is nothing to grab from the inside

and dont hit anything into the hex

they break into the motor
as above

I have just replaced mine for the second time in 7 years!
Chisel it is then! A 'fix' like this is right up my street, off to find my FBH now

Cheers guys

Tool #000001

Though I'm thinking of promoting my rubber mallet. Does a good job with slightly less collateral damage. :)
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I'm familiar with Fookin Big Hammer but not with FGH........ care to enlighten me....

West country dialect. Ferkin grrrt aaammerrr.
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