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Rizoma fluid tank

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Rizoma is new to me. I have a Rizoma fluid tank on my front brake already. I have the TLR hydro clutch on my TLS. That has the standard fluid tank. So I went to buy a rizoma tank from Ebay Italy. I inquired if the "short piece of hose and the end" which goes into the master cylinder is included. They informed me "no". This seems bizzare. Then what do I use ??
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I dont think that you can use that res on the tlr clutch m/c.The res on the m/c attaches directly on to the m/c.Better get a billet res from vandriver.

You dont need a hose if you have any of these, I've got an oem CBR1000RR res but will change for a Vanzuki next year.

I'm already on group buy for the rear brake reservoir.

Also if you buy the vanzuki rear res you can bolt the hose adapter from the rear master (as you won't need it anymore) onto your clutch master.

You'll need a larger hose or force it on but then you have a hose that can go to a remote reservoir​.
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And if you buy this you have a spare adapter to fit your rear brake to fit a small remote rear reservoir.
(it has the smaller hose adapter)
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