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red 42-tooth 530 Driven rear sprocket, red hard-anodized aluminum for stock wheels

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The red anodize looks really good! But the chrome plating on my stock wheels didn't hold up, and I bought Carrozzeria wheels which use a non-stock sprocket (usually for a Kawasaki). So I have this extra, brand new Driven brand rear sprocket. Since it's so big you don't really need hard steel, with a really good chain that doesn't stretch and doesn't pull only on the last tooth, and in the wider stock 530 size, good chain and hard-anodized sprockets last a long time without the weight of steel. Just DO spend the money on a really good chain!

Anyway, this sprocket fits stock wheels and is brand new and the red anodize is simply GORGEOUS. Normally they're as much as $75 + tax + shipping but I got this from Speedking for $65 + shipping.

So I'll sell it for $55 plus shipping.

You won't regret it, especially if you want a splash of red color, like on a black or red bike with black or red wheels, or if you have a red bezel ring on your clear clutch cover or red Samco hoses, or red levers etc.

I can also sell you a stock cush and sprocket carrier with sprocket bolts & nuts so that you can change sprockets without unbolting, then just swap cush carrier with sprocket bolted to it and optionally reset your speedo-healer to switch from road to track or commute to strafe etc.
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