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rear shock

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hello i am just about ready to buy a new rear shock for my TLR, ive got a budget of £500 which i can buy a hagon,bitubo,wilbers wihout the remote resevoiur which has the high and low speed damping adjustments.i dont do track days or race so figure i dont need all of those adjustments ,i ride only on the roads and just want the best shock for road use.hope you can help on which one is best .cheers ian
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low speed is the smooth bumps

high speed is the pot holes and ridges in the pavement.

most shocks have the high speed preset. ( shim stack)

tracks are usually smooth.............

if you ride rough roads then conside the dearer option

TL shocks sit beside the rear exhaust so a remote mounted res away from the heat is a big advantage.

its up to you.
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Cheers very usefull imformation which shock do you run
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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