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Radial calipers and master cylinder

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Hi I am about to fit gsxr 1000r k4 forks and radial calipers to my tl1000r I just wondered if my original master cylinder would work with radial calipers or do need to gets new one, if so what are good to use.
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The original TL item will work but the gixer version will work better. Otherwise there's the usual suspects like Accosato, Brembo, AP and so on. Just depends how large your wallet is and how forgiving your wife is. ;)

You can probably pick up the stock gixer item for very little. £5 sound like too much?
The R master is too big in the bore

the S master is good
Tl1000r bore is to big this must be why I can't get any pressure in brake system then, spent all last night bleeding front calipers after I fitted them, and checking for leaks, only to find I can't get much pressure in the system, going to have to find a cheap master cylinder then
Did you bleed the master cyl first?
But yes, you want either a smaller mc or a radial mc
The 11/16" later GSXR mc is very good IMO
I bled the calipers first then the master cylinder, what year gsxr is the 11/16" mc off then?
08 and later I think
Don't quote me ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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