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hmmmm bet they wish no one heard them :devious :laugh :laugh :laugh

"They didn't change positions, they just moved the players around."
Terry Venables

"What disappointed me was that we didn't play with any passion. I'm not disappointed, you know, I'm just disappointed."
Kevin Keegan

"They (Swindon) are still finding that they are much happier when they have the ball than when the other side has it."
Ron Jones

"He's caused the Chelsea defence no amount of problems."
Jimmy Armfield

"We deserved to win this game after hammering them 0-0 in the first half."
Kevin Keegan

"Without being too harsh on David, he cost us the match." :dowhat
Ian Wright

"You can see the ball go past them, or the man, but you'll never see both man and ball go past at the same time. So if the ball goes past, the man won't, or if the man goes past, they'll take the ball."
Ron Atkinson - and you will be tested on what he said later!

"The important thing is that he shook hands with us over the phone.":dowhat
Alan Ball

"It's not just what Ginola does when he's got the ball, it's what he doesn't do when he hasn't got it."
Andy Gray

"Chile have three options - they could win or they could lose."
Kevin Keegan

"He has got his tactics wrong tactically."
Mick Quinn

"He reminds me of a completely different version of Robbie Earle."
Mark Lawrenson

"It's 1-1, an exact reversal of the score on Saturday.":confused
Radio 5 Live commentator

"A tremendous strike which hit the defender full on the arm - and it nearly came off.":dowhat
Kevin Keegan

"Lampard fired straight through the middle of a non-existent wall."
Paul McKenna

"A win would be better than a draw.":devious
Denis Law

"They (Rosenborg) have won 66 games, and they've scored in all of them.":confused
Brian Moore

"The substitute is about to come on - he's a player who was left out of the starting line-up today.":dowhat
Kevin Keegan

"At this stage of the season I just tell the players to get points under their bags."
George Graham

"He's carrying his left leg, which, to be honest, is his only leg.":dowhat
Steve Coppell

"Think of a number between 10 and 11.":confused
Ron Atkinson

"Tony Banks described the English fans arrested in Marseilles as 'brain dead idiots'. That goes for me as well."
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