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Oh my somebody please shoot it :laugh

Finally some progress :thumbup

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yep, finally some progress as the weather gets colder, so I don't have to drive my 954rr all the time :devious.

I bought this from insurance company year ago, it was stolen and was missing tank, saddle, rear wheel, exhaust and some stuff, but it was 2005 model and only 2500km on the odometer.

It is honda FMX650

Not that impressive specifications, but fun bike anyways. Engine is superrealiby engine and has been used starting from year? 88 at least. Basicly even old air cooled XR engines are the same engines. With stock or mild tuning, it's good for over 100000km with basic maintenance.

Abp racing in germany has done some tuning for these models.

I already have ABP headers, which should give +4hp.(because stock headers are made from like 5mm tubing :)

It's also has dry sump lubrication and the oil is in the frame. So it's good for 10 mile wheelies:devious.

on the mod list(after I get it registered)

-removal of pair valve(weights 1kg at least)
-Bigger main jet(this thing is lean, some emission laws)
-some grippier tyres so I can drive during winter.
-maybe oilcooler. these things get hot.

Maybe two in to one exhaust, should save easy 5kg.

I'm not very interested to tune the engine, as I know it's not going to be any space rocket, no matter how much tuning it has. 954rr has always more....

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