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Problem TL1000s No electric power!!!!

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Hi all

Wonder if anyone can help, Ive bought a bit of a dog TL1000s truth be known!! Although it was very cheap! :devious lol it was a complete running bike when my mate had it, but it has been robbed of some parts before I got hold of it.

I had to buy a lock set as the keys were lost so I fitted that, a new battery, and had to put back on the switchgear, small loom at the front plugged it all together but I have nothing!! no dash lights, horn,lights absolutely nothing! I do have a rogue block connector tho! its the one that runs inline with the green ignition block! its a white plug with a brown and black/red chaser wires going into the main loom??

Everything else seems to be plugged together ok can anyone point me in the right direction please?? :banghead

All the best Karl
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check the connector on top of the starter relay its the ususal culprit

the extra sounds like a park light
:stupid and check the main fuse.
Hi all

Traced the problem to the main ignition switch plug had the red wire connector was missing the male side I cut the wire and bypassed the plug and hey presto we have dash lights horn starter etc etc thanks for the input tho guys :hail
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