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power commander fitting

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Hi guys,
just attempting to fit a pc11 to my tlr....think im doing it right cos it wont connect anyother way......any awy when I fire up the bike a f1 code is coming up, any ideas?
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Depends on the FI code.
Put into dealer mode using the connector in the boot and check out the code that pops up.
C14 is the throttle position sensor code.
I can't recall, does the PCII connect into that circuit. If so, verify the connection and test TP sensor per the manual.
it doesn't

its pure piggy back to the ecu
Ok so is the pc11 faulty?
The f1 light turns off when I take off the pc2 and put it back to normal.
it suggests the TPS wiring to the ecu is interupted in the plug in harness

check the pc22 plugs and make sure they are clean.

refit them and try again.
Ok will give that a try,....will a pc11 make a big difference over stock? Cos if its gonna give me hassle I dont wanna go stripping my bike down just to make this thing work....haha
It will be worth the effort in the end

Seams an easy fix anyway
Im not sure what im doing really....just wanna plug in a play. Got no pc or laptop (only tablet) so cant adjust any maps.... (not that I know how!)
Ok so ive cleaned the plugs on the pc11 but still its showing a fault........bugger. any other ideas.
Then the pc11 is probably foulty.

maybe another member can try it on their bike for you.
I was going to say post it to me and I will try it on mine but yours is an R I have an S so they are different

it could just be a loose wire on the multiplug

you could maybe do a continuity test with a multimeter to check all the wiring on the PC
Ok how would I do that? The guy who I bought it from suggested I plug it in to a laptop and see if the tps is zero'd.....does that make sense? The fault is a c14 which is the throttle position.
throttle position = TPS.......( throttle position sensor )

not being rude here but its already more than you are equipped to handle.
Mmmmmm well im not actually claiming I know what im doing thats why im asking! Im no tech geek. Anyway im just gonna send it back and enjoy the bike as it was....
good decision :thumbup
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