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powder coat or anodise??

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Hi all

as part of my winter rebuild ive decided to keep my standard forks on my TLR and just to re valve and service them however i want to also tidy them up and im not sure which route to go? so has anyone powder coated or anodised the top half of the forks? whats the best route?:confused
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If you have access to anodizing go for it!
I'd say if they need a tidy up then the anodizing will show up the same imperfections.
If you can get them spun down in a lathe just a touch in the areas that are not where the triples clamp it would be best.
It will remove the existing clour if you want a new colour and any surface imperfections.

However powder coating will give a nice finish you'll need to be careful not to get the seal recesses and top thread.
Masking tape is good for the job, the tape goes hard and the glue gets sticky in the oven so a little bit of a clean up job with a non-polar solvent... wax n grease.

Powdercoat is more prone to stonechips, particularly if a cheap coating is applied
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wont powder coating cause the forks to be wider and not fit in the yolks??
wont powder coating cause the forks to be wider and not fit in the yolks??
Course they will. Eggs are soft. :laugh
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Yes the coating will cause them to be wider, if the coat is thin enough on the wider parts (where the triples clamp) they'll squeeze through but may scratch a wee bit.

I would go with anodizing, in saying that I just used oven cleaner and polished mine. I plan to get Gixxer/busa forks at some stage
It would be a bloody tight squeeze

mine only just go through now with no coating!
If powder gets into the holes the forks will not fit .Plug them .
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