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Painting help?

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Hi guys,

My rear hump on the tl1000r is a slightly darker shade of white than the rest of the bike and i was wondering if there were any paint guides which involve colour matching?

I could use a guide for painting just the white of the hump (its the version of hump with the black centre line and the white sides on a blue/white 98 model)

I ask for colour matching because the bike is in good condition i just don't want the resprayed hump to then be whiter than the rest of the bike, again preferring a matched look. Is there anywhere i could possibly get to match the paint? Or am i just p**sing in the wind here?

Let me know if you have had past experience with this, please!

Cheers fellas. Any help is appreciated.
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Any decent paint supplier should be able to match the lighter shade.

Take a piece of the good stuff in and they can match it in an aerosol. White primer first, then colour ,then laquer. Do it yourself.
personally I would leave it to a pro

probably only cost about 80 notes to get it sorted

unless its the lacquer thats yellowed it might be cheaper
Stu you may have a point there with saying its the lacquer that may have yellowed as the paint looks tip top, as in its showing no signs of wear or crazing etc it just doesn't look 'Brilliant' white like the rest of the bike, more, egg shell white, if you get me. But yes i'll look into both options.

If i was doing it myself and found someone who could supply me the right colour paint, would i have to sand the areas i want to paint down a bit first with emery paper or such, to give the primer/paint a decent key?
dp'ed, sorry.
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