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one question

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I have a 97 tl1000s with a blown engine im looking at a 01 tl1000s engine is the01 carberatted or fuel injected ??? Wonfering if the newer engine will work in my 97 thanks for any input
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All TLS are fuel injected. Newer engines will work just fine. You can even put a R engine in the S by making a few changes. You can find details on what needs done to install a R engine by doing a search as there are some good threads on this subject. :thumbup
All were fuel injected. Other year TLS engines will be a simple swap. A TLR engine is also a simple swap for you.

...just beat by Jeff :laugh
...just beat by Jeff :laugh
:doug Finally! The old guy wins! :laugh
Cool im ordering it now I will keep posted when im on two wheels again thanks for the feedback
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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