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Oil Crankcase Leaking 1997 TL1000S

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This thing was sweating oil out, so I replacethe gasket/o-ring and used some sealer. Took it for a spin, leaking still, torqued the nuts some. Now it leaks even worse. It seems it's not fitting correctly, as there is overhang from the plastic case and where it is supposed to be flush on the bike. So I figure:

1. The o-ring is improperly installed
2. The cover (plastic) is warped
3. There is a crack somewhere in the cover.

If anyone has suggestions let me know. Thanks....

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If you're talking about a leak from the clutch cover it's pretty common on '97's... especially if you overtighten the bolts. It's something like 8 but you should look it up and use a torque wrench next time. At this point you may well need a new (98+) cover and o-ring. Later years used larger o-rings to seal better.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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