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Oil cooler mounting question

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While replacing the front sparkler I notice the oil cooler mounting on the left was loose - allowing a bit of play around the rubber cushion-washer. No problem i thought. Wouldn't budge when I tried to tighten. Fair enough, its done more than a few winters. So I loosened her off, dosed withWD40, and promptly stripped the bolt trying to tighten it. I then realised that the other side had the same amount of play, and that bolt wouldn't tighten easily either. So I left it;)

Is this play normal (about 3-5mm), and am I just a ham-fisted bushman, more suited to a chainsaw, and a sledge hammer for wedging:laugh.
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There is a rubber grommet with a steel sleeve

once the bolt is tight the cooler can move a little
Tthere was more movement than I expected - could be that the grommetts have perished and/or shrunk. I've got some new ones to chuck in.
Just checked mine.If I grab the end of the cooler and pull/push up/down only a few mm play
Chucked some new rubbers in and it's tightened up. Half the play it did.
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