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Ohlins Steering Damper Overheating...

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Iv got a 140 stroke side mounted Ohlins steering damper on my 97' TLS, and it keeps overheating and jamming. Iv spoken to Ohlins about this, and they havnt any idea how or why its doing this...

Has anyone else had this problem?
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its likely got a slight bend in the shaft.

take it to a shock and suspension person for evaluation

danny never at traxxion is a tl person.

PM him or post it to them direct for evaluation and repair.
thats what I thought initially, and then paid to have the damper rebuilt by an Ohlins Tech here in the UK. No problems at all with the damper, it just seems to heat up as the bike does.
Is it hotter than for instance the upper triple clamp? Hotter than the fairing/mirror stay? Do you have a bent wheel or wheel imbalance that the damper is always trying to counter? Personally I don't usually need the steering damped much until it moves quicker than my mere human inputs could cause. That's why I really like the Hyperpro RSC.
A damper works by converting motion into heat.

oil is forced thru small holes to slow the motion of the shaft attached to the small holes.

the byproduct of this process is heat.

if you have the damper set so hard that the oil is heating to the point where the valve assembly is expanding and seizing on the housing then there is a problem with the clearances between the valve and the housing.

I can't imagine why you would have a damper set this hard.

A tl with the geometry and the suspension set up properly does not need a damper.

If yours does then you need to back up a little and fix the problem not try to control it.
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Yeah, like if it has a bent wheel the damper may handle it but get hot...or if it's out of balance side-to-side or any other wobble, or has oversize rear wheel...
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