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Oh dear....

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So as I'm coming to the end of my ban I've started taking the time to do some long overdue work on the old tiller. The Ohlins has gone in for a service but will probably need to be completely rebuilt. The paint has come off the spring and its gone rusty. :( And then we come to the rear brake caliper.....

By the time I'm finished the TL will be more GSX-R1000 than TL1000. I've ordered a 1000K2 caliper from the bay. Cheaper to do that than try to renovate the the ball of rust that came off this afternoon.

Swing arm is coming off this weekend. If the brake is any kind of guide I'm not looking forward to seeing the state of the bearings.

Its amazing what one British winter can do to a machine. I don't know what they put on the roads around here but I've heard there's a species of alien that uses it for blood.

More pics as the work progresses. Halloween is coming up so there'll be plenty of horror stories.


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Jaysus. Your roads must be farkin poisonous. Evil bike hating roads.

Mines done at least 7 winters (I've had it 8 years), and all it gets is the odd hose down, and soapy waxy scrub. I do clean the chain with WD40 regularly and giv it a good lube. Current chain has done 20 000k's and goin strong.

Got almost no rust anywhere from winter riding - still running the same bearings it came with. I did grease them once. Must do it again:dowhat.
I started spring cleaning the old girl today too; musta hosed half a kilo of mud off her after stripping the fairings. New coolant, new oil and filter, and new sparky's:yumyum might even throw sum grease at it this time.
The lock screws for the swingarm pivot bosses were rusted ruins. I got two out with my trusty impact driver but the other two just disintegrated. Not even my normally reliable screw removal tool has been able to get them out. May have to drill..... :(

We've got a minor hurricane scheduled for tomorrow. Gonna sit in the garage and work on it with some 90mph winds outside and "Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus" inside on the stereo. I'm living the dream.
Sounds like you're having as much grief as me. Just had to buy £150 of rebuild stuff for my calipers.
Sounds like you're having as much grief as me. Just had to buy £150 of rebuild stuff for my calipers.

£150 in caliper parts!!! you could have bought a decent set of nissin calipers fully rebuilt for that price and still have change for braided hoses!!
I wasn't all together accurate there. The rebuild kits are for all three plus the two master cylinders. Also sticking in SS banjos and bleeds. No new pistons though .. Not yet anyway. Fingers crossed I won't need them.
ah thats not too bad then I thought you meant just for the calipers :laugh
£45 for a complete rear caliper that still looks shiny. The old one would have needed pistons, seals, pins, bleeds. R.I.P. It was the kindest thing to do.

Not looking forward to the bill for the service on the Ohlins. :uhoh
.... Not looking forward to the bill for the service on the Ohlins ....
Hmmmm .... They certainly know how to charge for that brand name!
£160 for the service on the Ohlins including getting the spring recoated. Its come back a slightly odd shade of yellow though. Never mind. If all goes to plan I'll have it back together by midnight.

Mmmmm. Gold precious..... (even with the dodgy pastel shade)


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Hmmmm ..... Lemon ohlins. Tasty:)
What is the deal with putty "stuff" on the road over there .I left when I was 5 , can not remember driving .
The "stuff" is to melt the snow. It also melts metal. The principal ingredient is rock salt with calcium/magnesium chlorides and sulphates,and sometimes molasses added to make it stick. Its *"&$&^%ing hideous stuff if you are a motor vehicle.
I bought my bike with pretty chrome wheels. First rain, they pitted & chrome came off like it was painted on with tempras.
The Tiller is off the bricks! The zesty Ohlins is in. Only problem now is I had the back tyre done and the genius who did it put on the rim the wrong way round. Guess I should have checked it before I left the tyre shop but since that's their only function there is the expectation that they can do their jobs right. :banghead
The tires usually have an arrow, but sometimes the wheels don't and the guy gets confused...
Tyre does have an arrow and it was pointed out which way was facing forward. Guy probably has "front" and "back" embroidered on his underwear.
It done. Finally, back together. I'll find out if I've forgotten anything when I fire it up in the morning. :uhoh
We have a winner! Started first push of the button. Handles very nicely with the refreshed shock in the back and nothing fell off cos I'd forgotten to do the bolts up. Feels good to be back on a bike that I don't have to pedal.
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