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Odd question...

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Anyone owned an vfr 750 1999 model ( or close ) . Crap , fair , good ,excellent ?
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Fantastic bike,in 98 (from memory) Honda redesigned an already great bike and made it better.A real do anything from touring to scratching.Never owned one myself but know plenty who have and loved them.
97 was the last vfr7
98 was the first vfr800. All new. Engine based on the rc45
Side mount radiator and linked brakes.
I owned a vfr7 and it was an awesome bike couldn't fault it.
Mate has a vfr800 and he loves it. Only problem he's had is exhaust rotted away. And terminals on the starter.
Only ever borrowed one once for a 200 mile trip. Seat was a plank I thought but otherwise couldn't fault it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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