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November '13 TLotM Nominations!

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Here are the Rules:

Please read them..

-The contest is open to the TLR or TLS ONLY
-You MUST be a MEMBER to win
-One nomination by any MEMBER makes you eligible to win (nominations do not need to be seconded).
-You may only nominate one other member per month
-You MUST have at least 100 posts to be nominated
-You CANNOT nominate yourself
-You (or your bike) can only win once a in a 12-month period
-Nominations will be accepted from about the 1st to the 7th of each month
-Voting will be held from about the 8th to the 15th of each month and the poll will be open for 7 days

Remember, only one nomination is required, so if the member you wish to nominate is already listed please don't clutter up the thread with multiple nominations for the same person/bike.


Good luck everyone! :)

NOTE: When you make a nomination, PLEASE post a picture or a link to a picture of the bike you’re nominating. Don't leave it for someone else to. Thanks!!!
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Im going to vote for an s I think, and that would be the very nice red s by johnd

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I nominate sven .......................:)......

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I know you have to have 100 posts to be nominated, but not to nominate!!

I have only seen it in his avatar, but I nominate wabbithunter

His yellow on black sleek sexy things deserves a nod...

(added by Steve TLS: No picture, please read the rules. I don't know where to find one. Find one and post it next month.)
Can't believe there's not been anymore nominations :confused
+1 about an R Hooti :devious

This one has a bunch of goodies (love the PFM's).....great work!

I nominate Hooti:

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Nominations closed ;)
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