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Not for us yet, but :), Suzuki Announce Vintage Parts Programme

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Saw this at the bike show at the nec, Birmingham.
I hope they spread it to a lot more models.
..... so new bike sales are now so low they are trying to make money by selling spares for the older models.......

Well if me lottery numbers come in I can build a new RG500 from spares! :)
its just a simple way of clearing shelf space.

then they can pass on the responsibility of maintaining a parts supply.

downside all round cos once listed the vultures will buy anything of interest and shelve it themselves,

that means parts that would have been available wont be.

part of common usage will be bought and resold higher by entrepeneurs

and fear / panic buying will see lots of parts just sit on private shelves for no reason.
So who is going to rush in and buy those half-price TLS crank sets that Robinsons are flogging? :devious
At least if Sam buys them, we know they will get used. :)
I clicked on the link to the magazine article about the vintage bike parts program, and saw an ad for sets of new Dymag carbon fiber 5-spoke wheels for 1621 euro. That's 2226.28 American. But I can't tell who is having the sale because it wants to put cookies on my PC. Unless I'm doing something wrong, that's a really good price! Their old 3-spoke CF wheels were twice that.
Ignore the thing with the cookies. European regs make it a requirement for them to tell you they use them. Even if you accept them you can always flush them afterwards. To be honest, if you have a mobile phone you are being tracked far more than with a browser cookie so I wouldn't worry about it. :yeahright
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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