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No not again....

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Just caught the news of more fires up your way guys,hope all are safe and not affected by them.
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I rang Martin (Dadat) last night and he said he's ok . Fires we're about 20 km from his house . To close if you ask me ,as he lives among the trees .
Fingers crossed for him.
:banghead I still remember the pictures from last time.
Worst fire in 45 years

A state of emergency is in effect across New South Wales as authorities warn of an unparalleled fire emergency and a potential mega-fire across hundreds of kilometres.

Three large fires are burning in the Blue Mountains at Lithgow, Springwood and Mount Victoria, and the Rural Fire Service (RFS) is worried they could merge.

Premier Barry O'Farrell says the declaration gives emergency services additional powers for the next 30 days, including cutting gas and power supplies if needed.

"We're planning for the worst but hoping for the best," he said.

Rural Fire Service (RFS) Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons says the worst-possible scenario would see the three large fires burning in the Blue Mountains join up.

He says they are dealing with "unparalleled conditions" and the situation is extremely serious.

prayers & thoughts to all involved
unfortunately i cant go this time (Murraybride CFS) i'm layed up with a fractured spine
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