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i contacted Nitron to have some information about the shock and mounting,heres the reply:

Hi Timo,

Unfortunately I don’t have any images of the shock installation (it was quite some years ago when we originally covered this bike!) but I have attached a drawing of the shock and associated brackets. Our shock mounts in pace of the OE rotary damper and the original spring and spring carrier is retained on the right hand side of the bike. We fit a spring to our shock which increases the relatively soft wheel rate offered by the original spring alone and is of course matched to your weight and intended use.

Kind regards,

Scott Maskell
Motorcycle Department

Nitron Racing Systems Ltd
Unit 20, Avenue One
Station Lane
OX28 4XZ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1993 849449 Ext 210
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That's cool; they add a 'helper' spring!
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That's cool; they add a 'helper' spring!
yep,its another WP,HYPERPRO,WILBERS clone even the bracket looks the same!
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