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newbie alert

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hey guys ,as the title says newbie here.....waiting for delivery of a 97 tls on thurday.allready has a fair few mods done to it,renthals,tlr swingarm and shock,thermostat mod to list a few
will post some piccies when she arrives :banana
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sits and waits for pics!

where abouts are you located?
:stupid :worthless

And welcome. :)
thanks for the welcome
im down south,walton on thames
The one I commented on on Facebook??
From carl rosner??

Welcome gm, if that's the bike in Gaz's link it looks tidy.
That's the one gaz :)
It's a tidy bike,has a few niggles to sort out.the fairing needs trimming back more for the bars,clutch is stupidly
Heavy and the throttle seems stiff..cable probably hasn't been re routed properly
Apart from that very clean, only spotted one furry bolt :)
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Well it's only right you need to work on the tls. Can't leave it all to previous owners
well it got dropped of this evening,to late and dark to get any piccies.managed to get out for a quick half hour blast,giggle giggle ooohhh **** yeah.last time a bike made me grin this much was when i first rode my B12
after the initial first nervous 10 mins i felt right at home on it,handles well,pulls like the proverbal train :)))) and even the 6 pot tokicos are spot on and work well.the sound from the yoshi cans...yumnomnomnom awesome.definatly made the right decision to get it,anyone wanna buy an unmolested slingy 1100 m ;) still keeping me B12 though
ill get some pics up at the weekend
feck me thats had some work done already

probably an ex zoners bike :laugh

TLR swinger centre shock R headers....the list goes on
the fact that the rear end had been sorted out was one of the main buying points for me....along with the high bars and the yoshi's.full service history as well and a 3 month warranty.did i mention the yoshi's :)))))) damm it sounds good :p
While I do like the Yoshi's I must say that they look miles better in stainless ;)

What shock is that in the rear? some pics of how its fitted would be great as I'm thinking of going for a centre mount one day.....just in the process of putting as R swinger on mine....well actually its already on :laugh

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Welcome, nice looking s that dude :thumbup
not sure on the shock...spring is red and has k-tec written on it,ill get some pics done :)
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