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New TL-R owner

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Hi all,

I have just bought myself 99 TL1000R, at last, wanted one for ages - will post pic shortly

needs a couple of little jobs doing over winter, water pump seals and change/fix some electric connections near the speedo, fork seals etc. So I will probably be panicking and asking for advice before long lol. will have a look on the forum for how to's first.

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Welcome, :bigfinger.
You'll find plenty of info and help on here.
welcome Gismo.:bigfinger
welcome to the forum

as above plenty of advice on here

just done waterpump seals myself easy enough
thanks guys,

just ordered a load of bits for the water pump inc seals etc and some service items. cant wait to get started then get ripping around on it
welcome.... I wouldnt get too excited to get ripping..... the weather is kak!
But, the good thing about long dark winter is getting bored, spending time on here and then spending all you money on shiney bits for the bike!
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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