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New TL Owner

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Hello All:

Recently purchased a TL ...
I hope to learn more here.


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Welcome dude, where you from oh and
you will learn nothing here!
just how to spend a butt load of $ to make your tl be the tl of the month :laugh

W E L C O M E !:bigfinger
I reside in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA.
Will post Pics ...
I'm 47 years of age and I've wanted a TL when they first came out in 1998. However, back then I purchased a Gixer-750 instead.
Feels good to finally get a TL ...
I don't ride much due to unsafe conditions in So. Florida ( Blame the 3rd world Immigrants ).
Thanks guys.

Ps. I also joined TL Planet's Forum but I'm not allowed to post. I joined over 30 days ago. Is the Admin alive over there? My username is the same, if someone could alert the Admin, giving me posting privileges? - Thanks
Regarding the other Forum ( ) ... Anyone have the Admin/Owner's email?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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