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New tiller owner here. Saying hi

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Hey everybody, thought I'd introduce myself. I just picked up a 99 TLR. I've been a v twin guy since I was 17. Always wanted a tl just never got one. I've had buell's , super hawks, and other inline bikes. I've always had a closet obsession for them. Needless to say she needs some work. It already has the pair valve mod, headlight mod and I've already replaced some brittle wires and charging wires. Right now it's a waiting game for my parts. I'll upload some pics of her soon.
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A little history of this one. I got it from a kid "18 or 19" near Flint Michigan. It came from Fort Wayne Indiana in case anybody recognizes it. She has been thrashed by one of those guys. The first two pics are what I found off Facebook from an owner in Indiana. The rest are as of yesterday. Sadly she has been abused. No big, I have all winter but I'm impatient so I already tore her down. Here is a list of parts that are coming/here waiting to be installed

Mich pilot powers front & rear
DanMoto black mufflers
Vortex steel 40th rear
Sunstar 17 front
RK Gold chain
All fairing bolts
New levers
Used fairings (in the paint process right now)
Rear exhaust joint gasket (Of course this one is bad)
Other misc body pieces
I could go on for days.

Here are some pics - Again, the first 2 are from a previous owner.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Alloy wheel
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motorcycle fairing
Vehicle Motor vehicle Auto part Automotive tire Exhaust system
Motor vehicle Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting
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Welcome to the madness. :bigfinger

Open a secret bank account is you have an SO. :lol

Hoping those OEM mufflers have had their baffles removed. They sound quite pathetic when stock... :coocoo
Haha thanks brainless. It seems all my toys are money pits. I always lie to my wife about my quarterly bonus and deposit that into a desperate savings account. She's not stupid but she's deals with it. This TL is worth every penny in my eyes.
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