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New piece of arse

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I've just turned the corner with the bitch bike ..... We'll I think I have.:)
My new tail end looks the business. I got one of the Hein Gerrick universal units and installed it from the inside of the under tray. Looks frickin awesome. Also defeated the spinning rivnut of the chain protector without destructive force. Bought a new rivnut/rivstud/rivet tool and dealt with the spinning rivnut holding the undertray. Got a nearly new water pump cover. Brakes are totally rebuilt. Forks fully refurbished. What look like nearly new wheels with new tyres. Just got to fix the cans then the electrics and she's good for an MOT. This thing is coming on a treat. Happy days!:)
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Yeah I know. The site wouldn't let me post any the last time tried.:confused
Vehicle Auto part Jet engine
Auto part Engine Vehicle Hood Automotive exterior

Did this work?

We'll sort of .... I'll get one of the assembly tomorrow.
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get a photobucket account and link the pics

Ahhhh got it! From my Tinypics account:)


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Just spent another couple of hours fettling the beast. A nerve racking 5 minutes with the 15mm tap sees the sump rethreaded .... Happy, happy, happy. Next up ...... a bit of fluid exchange ..... ooh missus! We'll to be precise ... put some new oil in. After I've figured out what's going on with the 'lectriks she should run again .... Can't wait. Off now to buy new rubbers .... Can't beat a new rubber. We'll the tank support, chain protector, tank bolt anti vib things, arse end grommety thing, fairing locators.
..... Off now to buy new rubbers .... We'll the tank support, chain protector, tank bolt anti vib things, arse end grommety thing, fairing locators.
Robinson Foundry came up with the goods so I'll be fitting those tomorrow. Just need to work out the electrics now. Done all of the heat shrink on the new arse end wiring. Continuity testing here I come!
Nice but get rid of all that black plastic under the back of the bike. :thumbup

Do the gap mod.

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I will get to doing something like that a bit later. I have a two phase programme for this. My plan was to take the unroadworthy bike and make it roadworthy and legal. Get her MOT'd use it through the winter. In the spring tear it down rebuild the motor and execute the mods that make the bike just that bit better. That's my plan. By the time I'm finished this will, to all intents and purposes, be a new bike. Maybe! :O
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