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new pics of an old rat....

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havent put any pics up for a while,still going

only has 145000 ks,need some new rear plastics,rattles ,pops and farts but ill never sell it
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I think the seat has a tumor.....

Good to hear you are still kicking Paul.
thanks all is good at the moment,MARRIGE all over house sold in flowerdale have my children when ever i want then got my bikes and she is still a slut.....................
Love the 80s stuff, at least the ones that don't have rectangular headlights. :laugh I keep looking for a really nice GS1100E. One of these days...
the honda was never started in 10 years all the rubber componets are perished even all the rubbers in the carbys a full rebuild is in order
My GS1000 has been run and it's due for a carb rebuild. I've got the kits, I just need to get to it before the weather gets too nice. OF course it was -15F here this morning so there's not a real hurry. :laugh
every rubber is perished,even the tyres are cracked,couldn't get the needles to seal ,rebuilt the carbys beautiful all working,engine runs ,now one is starting to leak carbys off again.....
Long time no speak.

Glad to hear the TL is still a runner.
hi steve, tl still going strong must replace the rear plastics needs a good tune other than that still a weapon,put a k4 front on now it stops,got a tlr swingarm to fit
Hey ya Paul, great to see another picture :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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